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  • 29 Sept 15   Attention:As of October 1st 2015, ALL claims for service that is performed on 10/01/2015 or after MUST be submitted with the proper ICD-10 diagnosis codes.
  • 02 Sept 15   Attention: Click Here for information about FDNY's internal policies covering the prevention and detection of fraud, waste, and abuse in its health care operations and other important regulations.
  • Attention: We are now enforcing the following standard rule:
    ALL claims must be received by FDNY within one (1) calendar year of the Date of Service, Any submissions over 1 year will be rejected. Service shall be provided up to the expiration date.Unless authorization states otherwise, this authorization is valid for ninety (90) days for single visits and 365 days for multiple visits.
  • Avoid check fees! Sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to receive your City payments.
  • The Federal government is requiring ALL providers to submit Group and Individual Physician NPI numbers for payments.